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Top 9s for 2009

with new year’s eve upon us tomorrow, i’m recapping the year with a few quick top 9 lists. this year i’ve had the pleasure to perform in and visit so many wonderful parts of the world, meet a whole lot of great new people and enjoy a whole lot of unexpected and fulfilling experiences. looking back over the year, certain shows, cities, meals and sights stand out - maybe some of you were at some of the shows, and if you visit any of the cities mentioned in the meals… well, indulge! ;)

happy new year and all the best to everyone into 2010


ON TOUR… thanks to all the promoters, venues and people who came to get down!

1 LA - Vanguard Lounge with Tawiah + Lil John Roberts
2 Sydney - Spirit of Soul Festival with Anthony David
3 Rotterdam/Amsterdam - with the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra
4 Washington DC - Bohemian Caverns with Vanessa Freeman
5 Sydney - 505 Club with Vanessa Freeman
6 Southport - SP Weekender with Phil Asher’s Phlash & Friends
7 Brooklyn - Afronkinetic with Sandra St Victor
8 Atlanta - Spread Love with Lady Alma + Lil John Roberts
9 Haugesund - Silda Jazz Fest with Vanessa Freeman + Soweto Kinch

CITIES… the world is such an incredible place

1 Paris, France
2 Venice Beach, CA
3 Venice, Italy
4 Barcelona, Spain
5 Brooklyn, NY
6 Istanbul, Turkey
7 Montreal, Canada
8 Kyoto, Japan
9 Sydney, Australia

MEALS… good food makes everything all the more enjoyable

Les Cocottes, Paris
Tapioles 53, Barcelona
Nu Teras, Istanbul
Burma Superstar, San Francisco
A Shrimp Shack, Oahu
Surinamese food, Rotterdam
Gjelina, Venice Beach
Spice I Am, Sydney
The Fishmonger’s Wife, Brisbane

SIGHTS… from the illest exhibition ever put together to nature’s greatest

We Want Miles: Miles Davis Exposition, Paris
Dali Museum, Figueres
3 Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
4 Oresund Bridge, Malmo/Copenhagen
5 Sunset overlooking Paris and all its sights
6 Laniakea ‘Turtle Beach’, Oahu
7 Dining overlooking Istanbul and the Sunset, Istanbul
8 Sunset, Venice Beach
9 Flying into Nice, France

…and a special mention for a music performance that simply blew me away in its freshness, simplicity and raw groove… Mos Def performing ‘Quiet Dog’ on Letterman: